Top 8 Smartwatches With SIM Card 2020 Reviews

Smartwatches have become such a great addition to our lives as part of this technology-driven era. We see its increasing popularity ever since Apple introduced the first series of smartwatches to the public. One hassle when it comes to using the smartwatch is having to carry both your watch and phone on you all the time. After reading our article, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. Leave your smartphone at home! We are going to introduce you to the top 8 best smartwatches with SIM card compatibility on the market. You should also go check out watch mobile with SIM card.

Of course, this is not to say that smartwatches can replace the ever-evolving smartphones. However, a high-quality smartwatch with a SIM card can definitely make your life more convenient. Everything is possible on your wrist! Before going straight to our product reviews, let’s look at the factors you need to consider when looking for a smartwatch with a SIM card.

Buying Guides Of Smartwatch With Sim Card

SIM Compatibility: The first thing you need to check is whether the device is compatible with a SIM card. Most smartwatches act as a companion to your smartphones. But this is not the purpose of our article! You need to make sure that the watch can be used as a standalone with a SIM card slot. You should be able to receive and send messages, incoming calls, Social media, and such. Transmission of information between devices should also be effective and easy.

Functions: As we said earlier, smartwatches are now very technologically advanced with so many functions! Transmitting information, receiving calls, tracking distance, music, health, fitness, and such with precise sensors are all possible! With a good quality smartwatch, you should also be able to use different applications easily such as calling watch with the sim.

Connectivity and Battery: The last category to look at is the connectivity and battery. You need to look for features such as 4.0 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection! Those are really important and efficient for your watch to work independently. You should also check and see if the watch is compatible with your phones. If you are buying from the same brand, then you won’t have to worry. An average smartwatch battery should last around 3-5 days. It should also be easy to recharge. If it comes with a wireless charger, that would be another plus. Other factors such as style and prices should also be considered.

8. WJPILIS Bluetooth Smart Watch

WJPILIS Bluetooth Smart Watch

This is a great smartwatch with all the best features of a smartwatch from compatibility to design to longevity. You can use this watch with most iOS 8.8 and Android 4.4 above. You will have no trouble transmitting information between your devices to your watch. It has two models: Bluetooth and SIM card models. The Bluetooth model means it works as an accessory to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The SIM card model allows you to make and receive phone calls directly! Not to mention the additional health trackers and other features such as an audio-player, camera, calculator, and such!


  • Functional and high-performance
  • Two working models: Bluetooth and SIM card
  • Upgraded smartwatch features

7. Ougngrn Smart Watch

Ougngrn Smart Watch

This sleek and modern watch comes with all the necessary and functional features you will ever need in a smartwatch. OLED display, stainless steel surface, ergonomic strap design, water-resistant, and more! With this product, you can choose between two working models: SIM card and Bluetooth. It works similarly to the previous model. Not only the two models, but it also comes with other practical features such as a fitness tracker, image viewer, alarm clock, calendar, and such. If you are using a smartphone with iOS 8.0 or Android 4.4 or above, this watch will work with it just fine. You can choose between three colors: blue, green, and white.


  • Two models to choose
  • Ergonomic, high-performance, and durable
  • 1 year and lifelong service

6. GT08 Bluetooth Smart Watch with Camera and SIM Slot

GT08 Bluetooth Smart Watch with Camera and SIM Slot

We have the GT08 smartwatch by the brand porxintor. This watch comes in a SIM and TF slots design. When you include a SIM card, you can use it as a phone to make calls or send messages easily. The TF card slot offers bigger storage for your need. You can also enjoy other features such as a pedometer, sleep monitor, audio player, Social media, and such! It also has a Sync function where you can view and check all the notifications from your phone on the smartwatch! Super practical! The smartwatch is fully compatible with all Android-powered smartphones. You can choose between three classic colors: gold, silver, and black.


  • SIM and TF slots design
  • Fully compatible with all Android smartphones
  • Sync functions

5. Beaulyn Smart Watch

Beaulyn Smart Watch

This multi-purpose beauty comes with all the necessary features! You can install a GSM 2G network SIM card into the watch to enjoy making calls, receive and reply messages directly! You can also use it in Bluetooth mode as a companion to your smartphones by simply installing the app onto your phone. This watch is compatible with all smartphones! It has an ergonomic design that comes with an adjustable soft strap that is sweat-proof and breathable. The screen is super clear and bright as well! You can choose between black, gold, and pink in colors!


  • Free SD card and screen protector
  • Functional and practical features
  • Ergonomic, stylish, and thoughtful design

4. Qidoou Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

Qidoou Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

You can use it in either Sync-Bluetooth or SIM mode. With the SIM, you will be able to enjoy using it as an independent phone to call, text, surf the internet, and browse Social Media apps. The watch can support and is compatible with most Android and iOS smartphones. You can enjoy all sorts of features such as calls, texts, step counting, remote camera, alarm clock, reminder, music, and more! On top of that, it features an updated battery of 280Mah for longer battery life. The OLED screen display, stainless steel rim, Nano soft strap, and such! It comes in three chic and stylish designs: Black 1, Black 2, and Grey.


  • 90 days of free return and replacement
  • Longer battery life
  • Practical and high-performance

3. PUBU Kids Smart Watch

PUBU Kids Smart Watch

The third best smartwatch on our list is the PUNU kid’s smartwatch. This watch can act as a standalone watch independent of any smartphones. You only need to include a SIM card to make phone calls anywhere anytime. This is designed to be super easy for kids to use. You can add 10 contact members into the Address Book for your child to call. There is also an SOS feature where your child can just double click the power key to call people in the contact list until pick up. The watch also has other features for your kids to enjoy with 5 languages to choose from. It also provides an SD card for storing important stuff! You can choose between 4 colorful designs: pink, yellow, blue, and black.


  • Easy and safe for your child to use
  • Fun and practical features
  • SD card included

2. TURNMEON Kids Smart Watch

TURNMEON Kids Smart Watch

It is also the second kid’s watch. This is the kid’s smartwatch by the brand TURNMEON. You can include a SIM into the watch for your child to call you anywhere and anytime, and vice versa. It also has other functions such as an HD camera function and a music player. On top of that, there are also 7 puzzle games included in the watch for your children to enjoy and improve their logical thinking capacity. Fun and Practical! This watch is also waterproof and dust-proof even when you’re washing hands, or playing in the rain. Super durable for kids! There are three different colors to choose from.


  • Two-way call and SIM compatible
  • Fun and practical features
  • Super durable and easy to use

1. Aeifond Bluetooth Touch Screen Smartwatch

Aeifond Bluetooth Touch Screen Smartwatch

It comes in three different color options: black, green, and grey. This watch comes in a stylish and newest design and features. iOS compatible, slimmer and simpler UI design, diverse clock interface, high-sensitivity touch screen, comfortable band, and longer battery life! It also offers 2 working models: Bluetooth and a SIM card. This means that you do not need to carry your smartphone around everywhere! The watch also has a smart fitness tracker and other features for those who are looking for a more active and balanced lifestyle. It has great compatibility with most smartphones on the market.


  • Newest updates and features
  • Dual working modes
  • Great compatibility and durability


After reading our article, we hope that you have some ideas in mind of what a good smartwatch with a SIM card looks like. It should have at least some of the features that we mentioned in the product reviews! Before deciding to buy a product, make sure you read everything carefully. Happy Shopping!