Top 5 Sewing Machine For Kids 2020 Reviews

Sewing machines grown-ups use are portable and lightweight, but still too complicated for kids. It is an excellent option to buy a sewing machine for kid instead of toys, to nurture a love for sewing. You teach the child a lifelong skill and instill a passion for fixing clothing and making a useful garment. In addition, helps it in developing hand-eye coordination and tune fine motor skills. It has benefits like problem-solving and gives them focus. While your child has fun, they have individual expression opportunity too, to create something.

5. The Little Seamstress Craft Educational Sewing Kit


This is as close as real machine as you can come with six projects to create. Included with the kit is fabric with different patterns and prints, denim fabrics, ribbons and buttons. Excellent control with a foot pedal, measuring tape, sewing pins, thread spools and scissors. Included in the kit is 6 mannequins that she can design clothing for. In the kit is a sketchbook too for creative minds to design their own line. The 40 gemstones are self-adhesive to jazz up the completed designs. 14 different colors of string and 17 differently colored and patterned fabric will keep kids entertained and interested in many hours.

Product Specifications

  • Uses 4 AA batteries
  • Ideal for ages 8 years and older
  • Weight of 3.6 pounds

4. NKOK A2214 Singer Elegant Chain Stitch Sewing Machine


With the A2214 you get all the features of a real sewing machine. It has all the accessories like needle threader, plastic needle, measuring tape, and three spools of additional thread. It has a foot pedal, a spool compartments and the lights are working too. Little fingers are protected with a covered needle. A big plus is that it is endorsed and licensed by top sewing machine manufacturer Singer.

Product Specifications

  • For ages six and up
  • Weighs only 1.6 ounces

3. NKOK Discovery Kids Chain Stitch Sewing Machine


This sewing machine works like a real machine grown-up would use, with needle, thread and foot pedal. It has a small design and kids learn to sew very fast with its ease of use. It looks and feels like a real sewing machine complete with needle threader, measuring tape, one spool of thread and a spool storage compartment. The light works too, and the needle will not harm little fingers with a protective guard surrounding it.

Product Specifications

  • Uses 2 C batteries
  • For ages six to 15 years
  • Weighs only 1.7 pounds

2. Sew N Style Machine


This machine from Cool Maker is lightweight, stylish and look more like a toy than a real kid’s sewing machine. It is incredibly easy to use, while one of the safest. Instead of thread, it uses yarn to make threading and looping hassle-free. The needle is surrounded with a protective needle guard. It comes with unique accessories like a pom pom maker, bag of stuffing to make toys, patterns, decorated fabric sheets, glitter fabric.

Product Specifications

  • Uses 4 AA batteries
  • Included are decorative string and ribbon
  • Unique fabric sheets
  • Ideal pompom maker
  • Lightweight at 2 pounds

1. Sew Cool Machine


The Sew Cool is another top choice as it looks like a toy yet works like a real machine. Included with the Sew Cool you get precut shapes like characters, pouches and purses and more. Your kid can start sewing nine different projects with the included material. It also works
well with any other fabric. It does not need threading, does not have bobbins to wind and no foot pedal. Once the built-in thread is finished however your machine cannot be used. This is a machine aimed at teaching young children how to sew.

Product Specifications

  • Uses 4 AA batteries
  • Ideal for ages 6 to 8 years
  • Lightweight at 2.2 pounds

What to Look for When Choosing Sewing Machines for Kids

Shopping for kid’s sewing machines, remember you pick a tool, not a toy. The machine must look, perform and feel like the model your child will choose later in life. Do not sacrifice a real model’s sensation. Top features to look for include child friendliness first. It must be lightweight and safe. Other kid-friendly features like easy bobbin systems and thread feeding are important. Keep in mind though that you must look at the age appropriate kid’s sewing machine too. They are the perfect little machines before you move to larger models.