Top 8 Best Recurve Bows For Hunting 2020 Reviews

Anyone who’s hunted with a bow would be able to relate to the thrill of it and the romantic charm it offers compared to using a rifle. A rifle is a machine unto itself, while a bow only multiplies your own strength and relies on your own skill. It’s necessary to get closer to the animal, requiring greater skill in itself to get close and making the kill so much more personal. When it comes to hunting with a traditional bowo, the top choice among veteran bowhunters is the recurve bow; which is why I’ve compiled a list of the top eight best recurve bows for hunting, to help you pick the recurve bowo that’s right for you.

8. I-sport 60″ Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow

I-sport 60

The I-sport 60″ right-handed recurve longbow is a great starting point into archery. It’s made of durable, quality materials and has a sleek, attractive design for those concerned with appearance. The bowstring is Olympic quality, and its’ draw length and relatively low draw weight ensure a smooth, clean pull and release. With draw weight capping at 50, it’s ideal for hunting deer, but could be inadvisable against bigger game. It also loses points for being unsuitable for left-handed archers.

7. PG1ARCHERY Traditional Archery Recurve Longbow

PG1ARCHERY Traditional Archery Recurve Longbow

Weighing in with a maximum 110 pound draw length, the elegantly simple PG1ARCHERY Recurve Longbow of wood, fiberglass and leather construction is the powerhouse of this list. The raw power it’s capable of is what launches it onto the list; with double the maximum power of most others present, it could take down a grizzly bear. It’s best suited to a large, strong archer; while a smaller or weaker person could wield it, they wouldn’t be able to take advantage of its magnificent strength and would find the size awkward.

6. BOSEN BOWS Foam core ILF Limbs Recurve bow

BOSEN BOWS Foam core ILF Limbs Recurve bow

The Bosen Bows recurve bow offers a size and weight suitable to newer archers and women, with a shorter draw range and more compact construction. It achieves this by virtue of its foam core limbs, which are a great strength of the bow and which cause a great weakness; it’s $210 price point, which works against the fact that it’s otherwise perfect for a beginner.

5. AF Archery Handmade Laminated Traditional American longbow

AF Archery Handmade Laminated Traditional American longbow

A traditional longbow made in the style of those used by indiginous Americans, you’d be sure to feel at home wielding it in the wilds of North America. It gains points and will surely be adopted by some for its’ authenticity, but in some regards this is a drawback, such as the lack of a more modern grip that would enable easier, more accurate shooting.

4. XGear Right Hand Compound Bow 50-70lbs

XGear Right Hand Compound Bow 50-70lbs

The XGear straddles a unique place among the bows on this list and is a bargain at that, pinned at the beautiful price point of $It’s certainly not a bow for beginners, but everything about it’s carefully crafted, balanced design is perfectly suited for an intermediate and above archer. It’s a robust design, with draw weight and length capable of precise adjustment by a simple Allen Wrench. Where the PG1Archery longbow suffered from its’ size, this is a perfectly sized bow that anyone can aspire to comfortably hunt any game animal with.

3. Kaimei Hawkeye Recurve Bow Longbow

Kaimei Hawkeye Recurve Bow Longbow

This cheap, strong bow is the best choice on the list for beginners and those you’d like to introduce to archery. While #6 on the list manages to edge it out slightly in quality, the expense of this bow is less than half. The S-Class strength of materials used in its construction and precisely forged aluminum-magnesium handle make for a beautiful, lovingly crafted design at a bargain price of $90.

2. I-Sport Traditional Mongolian Horsebow

I-Sport Traditional Mongolian Horsebow

You can’t do much better than the design that terrorized Eurasia from Breslau (Wroclaw) to Beijing, and conquered history’s largest contiguous empire. With a strong, lightweight design benefitting from wooden hand-construction, it’s as much an excellent, affordable bow as it is a piece of history.

1. AF 20-55LBS Handmade Traditional Crimea Tartar Recurve Bow

AF 20-55LBS Handmade Traditional Crimea Tartar Recurve Bow

First among the best recurve bows for hunting on the market, this Crimean Tatar recreation is a straight upgrade from its cousin, the Mongolian Horsebow. It boasts construction of bamboo and ashwood, the highest quality materials one could use in such a historical piece while maintaining authenticity. It offers supreme versatility for student or master, with a smooth draw and effective weight range delivered in a comfortable, compact design. A perfectly balanced design, for the balanced price.