Top 10 Portable Garages 2020 Reviews

A portable garage gives you quick and convenient storage for your items such as a vehicle, boat, or motor home when a typical garage isn’t available. A portable garage also makes a great choice for outdoor events, birthday parties, and other occasions that require shade and protection from the sun, wind, or rain. There are many different types of carports or garages available today, each with their own unique Features, making it hard to choose which one is suitable for your needs. To help eliminate the guesswork, we’ve reviewed the top 10 instant garages on the market below.

10.​​  Abba Patio Heavy Duty Carport

Abba Patio introduces its 12 x 20-foot heavy-duty carport that protects your vehicle from wind, rain, hail, and snow. It’s made with a Polyethylene top cover that resists harmful UV rays, and a white powder-coated frame that won’t peel, chip, or rust. This carport Features two detachable, zipper doors that you can remove for added ventilation, and extra strength bungee cords to attach the top cover to the frame. In addition, you’ll never worry about stability with handy footpads and easily accessible anchor points. Moreover, this carport has a fully collapsible design that makes it easy to store or transport when not in use.


  • Steel Frame Construction
  • Open Air Design
  • Long-Lasting

9. Abba Patio Heavy Duty Beige Carport

Abba Patio Heavy Duty Beige Carport

The 10 x 20-foot carport by Abba Patio makes the perfect choice for outdoor events that require shade like fairs, family outings, and sporting events. it’s also the ideal choice for storing large items such as a vehicle or boat. It uses a 1.5-inch diameter steel frame that resists corrosion and rust, and a polyethylene top cover that offers UV-resistance, giving you years of protection without deteriorating. For added stability, this carport uses footpads at the bottom of each leg to keep the carport anchored securely to any hard or semi-hard surface, and the bungee style cords keep the cover attached firmly to the frame.


  • Water-Resistant
  • Beige Colored
  • Steel Construstion

8. Shelter Logic Corral Shelter & Livestock Shade

Shelter Logic Corral Shelter & Livestock Shade

If you want the ultimate protection for your livestock, then the Shelter Logic corral is a perfect choice. It uses a 7.5-ounce ripstop cover that’s heat sealed for water resistance and practically tear-proof. In addition, the top cover is UV treated to protect your livestock during the hot summer months, and it resists fading to help prolong its overall lifespan. With the Shelter Logic corral cover, you can place this cover over any style corral whether its round, oval, or square, due to the uniquely design brackets that keep it securely fastened to all tube profiles. Combined with its all-steel, powder-coated frame that resists peeling, corrosion, and rust, you’ll feel confident that your animals are safe year after year. With this shelter, you’ll get 147-sq feet of storage space, plenty of room for all your livestock.


  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Waterproof
  • UV Treated Fabric

7. Shelter Logic Instant Garage & Auto Shelter

Shelter Logic Instant Garage & Auto Shelter

The instant garage by Shelter Logic gives you 150-sq feet of storage space for your livestock, vehicles, or other important items. Its all-steel metal frame uses 1 3/8-inch diameter tubing that has a baked-on powder-coated frame that won’t chip, rust, or peel, extending it’s overall lifespan. The top cover’s made with a triple-layer, woven Polyethylene cover that’s infused with anti-aging, anti-fungal, anti-yellowing, and uv-resistant agents for ultimate protection and guaranteed to last.


  • 1-Year Warranty
  • All Steel Frame
  • Ratchet Tite Tensioning System

6. Advanced Outdoor Heavy Duty Carport

Advanced Outdoor Heavy Duty Carport

Advanced Outdoor introduces their 10 x 20-foot carport that offers you 200-sq. feet of storage space. It’s top cover consists of 180g polyethylene fabric with uv and water resistant agents that prevent unneccesssary wear. In addition, it features a 1.5-inch diameter galvanized frame that 8 legs, 16 steel pegs, and 8 anchors that keep the carport securely in place without buckling or moving during harsh winds. More so, this carport also offers an adjustable side height from 6-feet to 7.5-feet and an adjustable peek from 9-feet to 10.5-feet for all your storage needs.


  • Anti-UV
  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable Height

5. CharaHOME Canopy Tent Pop Up Portable Shade Outdoor Gazebo

CharaHOME Canopy Tent Pop Up Portable Shade Outdoor Gazebo

The CharaHOME canopy tent offers temporary cover for all your outdoor activities or storage needs. Its top cover Features a 210D oxford silver cover that blocks out 99-percent of the suns harmful UV rays, and it’ll never fade or become brittle. It also featuresa powder coated steel frame that resists peeling, rust, chipping, and corrosion, ensuring your canopy lasts for many years to come. More so, this canopy uses a quick release button for easy setup and the 4 sidewalls attach quickly with its velcro strips. For maximum storage, this canopy has four adjustable heights for both the sidewalls and the peek.


  • 210D Oxford Silver Fabric
  • Portable Carrying Bag
  • Steel Frame

4. ALEKO CP1020BE Outdoor Event Carport Garage

ALEKO CP1020BE Outdoor Event Carport Garage

Every Aleko CP1020BE instant garage offers 200-sq. feet of storage space on any hard or semi-hard surface. It protects your items from all types of weather using its PVC roof and PE cover thats both UV and water resistant. The entire steel frame Features a powder coating that’ll never chip or peel, and it uses snap together assembly for quick and easy setup or take down.


  • Easy Snap Assembly
  • Water & Weather Proof
  • Beige Color

3. Qisan Canopy Tent Carport White – Calm Environment Only

Qisan Canopy Tent Carport White - Calm Environment Only

The Qisan canopy carport tent Features a flexible iron frame suitable for hard or semi-hard surfaces. It uses heavy-duty connectors and a solid metal base to keep the carport stable with winds up to 15-mph, and its spring pin design makes it easy to setup within a matter of minutes. This carport has 6-removable sides, 4 of which have clear panel style windows for added ventilation and style. Moreover, it has two sidewalls with zipper doors to enter and exit the carport or for better cross ventalation.


  • 90g Weight
  • Windproof up to 15-mph
  • Calm Environments Only

2. Tentking Rainproof Carport

Tentking Rainproof Carport

The Tentking carport Features a 1 1/2-inch diameter steel frame, metal corner joints, and base plates that make it one of the most durable and stable instant garages available on the market. It’s white powder coated frame resists corrosion, rust, chipping, and peeling giving you a long-lasting frame that will not deterioate with extended use.


  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Free Adhesive Repair Patch
  • 30-Money Back Guarntee

1. Abba Patio Carport Replacement Top Canopy Cover

Abba Patio Carport Replacement Top Canopy Cover

The Abba Patio carport replacement canopy is suitable for any style garage shelter and provides ultimate protection from the sun, wind, rain, or snow. This cover’s made with polyethylene fabric that offers uv-protection, fade protection, and it uses drop-down edges to protect the items inside your carport from the rain. This covers easy to attach and remove with its bungee cords that secure tightly to the frame.


  • UV Protection
  • Fade Resistant
  • Waterproof