Top 5 Best Led Grow Lights 2020 Reviews

Having to grow plants inside a greenhouse with no boosters for growth can really be a treading uphill task. An LED light, especially during the winter, is highly preferred since there is no UV lighting. Moreover, if you are a grower of flowers and other plants inside a greenhouse, you need an LED light for higher yields and faster blooming and growth.

5. 600 Watt Phlizon Newest Winter Best LED Light


This is one of the best LED grow light for a greenhouse. At 600 watts, the Phlizon consumes very low electricity. It comes with a heat monitor and humid air monitor. It has no reflectors hence no risks of fires and other potential dangers. It has a color combo of assorted red/blue colors which tends to offer the best light for the stages of plants; the flowering stage and the vegetative stage. This best LED grow light comes with bi-annual warranty.


  • Has low electricity costs
  • Has super bright lights
  • It is very affordable for the kinds of services it offers.

4. Recordcent LED Grow Light


This is a full spectrum grow indoor light which best works for greenhouse plants. It doesn’t affect in any way your electricity charge sheet since it uses about 150 -170 watts. It is very bright. Its bright strong UV lighting allows it to kill bacteria and sterilize their growth. Produces lots of flowers. This best LED grow light is equipped and designed to have two large fans to enhance a better cooling system.


  • It is cheap
  • No added electricity costs since it consumes less electricity
  • Produces higher yields than expected
  • Has an enhanced cooling system

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3. Meizhi LED grow-light Reflector Series 300 W


Meizhi company is a widely known company that produces best LED grow lights for smooth plant growth. It is best for greenhouse plant growth. It has a built-in reflector which helps converge the light towards the plants ensuring maximum absorption of heat and light by the plant. This translates to increased yields. Very comfortable use of electricity since it does not consume a lot of energy. It uses a mere 139 watts which allows proper photosynthesis and blooming of plants. You can easily switch the veg and flower stages at your own convenient time using the switches. Lastly, it has a great cooling system which helps prevent heat dissipation.


  • It provides better service than its asking price
  • It has a very bright light
  • It is very cheap
  • It has proven to produce higher yields

2. Viparspectra LED grow light Reflector Series 300 Watt


This is a 300 watt LED grow indoor light which is best for the flowering stage and the vegetative stage of all sorts of plants. The Viparspectra offers a wide range of light known as the full spectrum which allows for all stages of plant growth to thrive more than what the sun does. It consumes very low lights hence can never affect your normal electricity expense. It has quiet fans which have been designed in a high-quality manner. In addition to the cooling system, they have an aluminum cooling system which works best to enable heat dissipation.


  • It is an energy saver
  • Very affordable. It comes at a cheap price
  • It is great for the vegetative state of plants.

1. The King Plus Grow Light 1000 Watts


This is one of the best indoor grow light that enhances the growth of many plants in a greenhouse set up. It is situated best for small garden of flowers and other indoor plants. This LED indoor light is quite by far the best energy saver in the LED world of indoor lights. It consumes only 185 watts per hour thus saving you enormous amounts of money. It comes with different color modes on the LED lights which include lots of assorted colors which makes it possible to accommodate all the plants in all the growing stages. The King plus comes with a cooling effect as its body is equipped with large fans which work to prevent dissipation of heat. Lastly, it comes with a warranty worth 3 years.


  • It is an energy saver type of light
  • It is the best for small indoor plants
  • It is the best used as a supplement type of light for indoor lighting.
  • Plants thrive fast with this light

What to Consider When Purchasing Led Grow Lights:

Things to consider include its energy consumption, high yields, bright lighting the buying price among others. If you buy one that has a higher energy consumption, be ready to pay the electric bills. However, to simplify your work, we came up with a few which in our best opinion are the best LED grow lights out there in the stores.