Top 8 Keto Meal Replacement Shakes 2022 Reviews

Unlike fad diets that have died out, the keto diet has only grown more popular with time; founded on good science and a person’s practical needs, the longevity of the keto diet is founded on its results. But cooking and preparing a meal can often be difficult and time consuming, and that’s where keto meal replacement shakes come in – they provide the necessary nutrition for a keto diet in a quick, convenient package. To aid you in your weight loss journey this in the new year, I’ve compiled a list of the top eight options for meal replacement.

8. Raw Green Keto Meal Replacement with Coconut MCT Oil

Raw Green Keto Meal Replacement with Coconut MCT Oil

The Raw Green Keto Meal Replacement mix is the first on our list, with such benefits as the sustainable energy promised by the MCT Oil, its chef curated recipe, and a great deal of convenience to those who’re busy or travelling. The key ingredient is coconut and MCT oil refined from coconuts, and the benefits of MCT’s are well known. It can boast of being scientifically formulated to induce ketosis and keep you burning fat, which many products can; but few of them can boast of being so creamy and delicious as this one.

7. Keto Collagen Protein Powder Bovine Premium Hydrolyzed Supplement

Keto Collagen Protein Powder Bovine Premium Hydrolyzed Supplement

While the previous keto meal replacement shake benefits from its delicous flavor, this one is completely flavorless. It’s easily dissolved in room temperature water and stays so if the drink is chilled, which makes it extremely versatile; it has no flavor of its own, so you can mix it with anything you like, or even add it to baked goods. And while MTC oils are its primary ingredient, it pairs that with gut-healthy, low-carb acacia fiber. It promises quick, keto-consistent energy that can fit into any diet or meal plan in a GMO-free, grass-fed package that’s rich in the collagen needed by the cartilage, skin, joints, and the other soft tissue of our body.

6. Nutritional Meal replacement Weight Management Shake Keto Caramel Slender

Nutritional Meal replacement Weight Management Shake Keto Caramel Slender

While this product is keto-consistent in its nutritional value, its formulation is much different from the previous two. They primarily consisted of MCT oils and healthy fats, while this is more like one of the best protein shakes you’ll ever find; If you check the nutritional information, you’ll see it’s absolutely bursting with vitamins, and that a single small serving has as much protein as three grams of steak. With its array of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, it’s a must for anyone on the keto diet looking to put on muscle as they cut fat. It must be mentioned that all their ingredients are naturally sourced, and that this product must be ranked high insofar as ethicality.

5. Keto Meal Replacement (Chocolate)

Denvidia’s chocolate Keto Meal Replacement shake is a flavorful, low-carb powder formulated specifically to boost ketones, which promotes the ketosis fat-loss process. While other entries are generalized health drinks or protein shakes that support a keto diet, Denvidia’s step into the ring is thus far the one with the most razor-sharp focus on weight loss. Both on efficiency, and on fun; the chocolate flavored mix dissolves extremely smoothly, making a delicious addition to vegan milks or to cold brew coffee.

4. Fearless Keto Protein Shake Powder

Fearless Keto Protein Shake Powder

Designed by Fearless Keto and recipient of Amazon’s Choice designation, it has received almost universal acclaim among customer reviews. It has a deceptively rich chocolate flavor that earns it the ‘Naughty Chocolate’ title, as it almost tastes like you’re cheating on your diet – but review of the nutritional information shows that’s certainly not the case, as carbs are scarce while MCT fats, electrolytes, and body-building collagen are plentiful. All in all, it’s a perfect ingredient in keto coffee.

3. BEST FATS High-Fat Nutritional Shake – Low Carb Protein Powder with Healthy Fats

BEST FATS High-Fat Nutritional Shake - Low Carb Protein Powder with Healthy Fats

Sometimes, it’s hard to compete with simplicity. While the Best Fats meal replacement recipe doesn’t hit as many bases as other shakes, it offers extremely well rounded basic nutrition with a combination of many healthy, keto-promoting fats and an extremely small quantity of carbs. While it doesn’t contain as many general benefits as other keto drinks, this powder is one of the best, keto-focused recipes available.

2. Keto Java Coffee Creamer

Keto Java Coffee Creamer

The Keto Java Coffee Creamer mix is the first option on this list dedicated to coffee, and it’s a sugar free, quite nearly carb-free all in one creamer and sweetener. For those who tire of chocolate, it comes in two delicious flavors; french vanilla and salted caramel. It’s the best suited to mixing with coffee, and turning everyone’s morning ritual into a meal and an early pick-me-up at once in the process.

1. Pure Protein 100% Whey Powder


Pure Protein sets a high standard in protein shakes], and for good reason. Among over a thousand reviews, the overwhelming majority speak in unequivocally good terms about how delicious both flavors – rich chocolate and vanilla cream – are, how smooth and creamy the resulting drink is, and of the good results they get from it, whether using it as a dietary aid and a meal replacement or as a boost for your exercise routine.