Top 8 Custom Leather Dog Collars 2020 Reviews

With many individuals choosing dogs to other types of pets, the demand for quality dog collars has increased globally. If you want the best experience for your dog, make sure that your model of choice is as comfortable as possible. Buying a premium model only for it to scratch and or irritate your dog is a poor decision. You should also look at the design of the product on offer. Does it complement your dog’s look? A large male dog wearing a pink fabric collars will attract attention outdoors for negative reasons. Finally, the materials used in its production should be durable. As other dog accessories, collars undergo a lot of abuse, which compromises their structure over time.

8. Hide & Drink Rustic Mayan

Hide & Drink Rustic Mayan

Talking about dog collars, many individuals think of the aggressive looking models that were popular in the past. Whilst still rustic, this Mayan Hide and Drink collar has a charming tropical blue theme that both dogs and their owners like. Made of full grain leather, this collar is durable. It does not stretch nor lose its shape over time. Its double stitched double-layered design is stable, while its rustic metallic hardware supports a lot of weight. When walking your dog, therefore, this collar will support its heavy mass well without ripping or compromising safety in any way. As most leather belts, this model improves with age. The fashionable tipico fabric blended into its design improves its structural appeal, while its affordability is desirable.


  • Has a durable aggressive-looking design
  • Double stitched and double layered to prevent stretching
  • Non-irritant

7. Magnus Leather

Magnus Leather

Measuring one inch thick, this low profile collar from Magnus is a comfortable dog accessory made of quality leather. Its fade-proof premium red theme is visible from a distance. The heavy-duty brass hardware it comes with is stylish and durable, while its quick leash Dee-ring is very easy to use. When planning for a walk, therefore, you no longer have to wrestle your dog to set up its leash. You will be able to hook it up and remove it easily without aggravating your pet. Apart from its longevity, Magnus Leather Dog Collar is a popular product because of its charming outlook. It complements the look of most dog breeds of various sizes without irritation and or compromising their health. This collar comes with a free quick recognition plate that accommodates both names and numbers.


  • Has a free recognition plate for dogs
  • Has a long and versatile design
  • Made of full grain leather

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6. Weaver Leather Sundance

Weaver Leather Sundance

Do not waste your money on the cheap and irritant plastic collars that some individuals choose. For your piece of mind and that of your dog, buy a premium leather one such as Weaver Sundance instead. Made of high-grade leather, this collar is beautiful. It gleams in the sun. It is also fade-proof and has a smooth well-finished design that does not pull fur nor irritate dogs. If you have an overactive dog that rips collars occasionally, this model is a perfect solution. Measuring one-inch, for instance, the high-grade leather used to make it is virtually rip-proof. It also has a long (11-inches) four-hole design that fits most dog breeds and a heavy-duty clasp that improves fit.


  • Made of high grade leather
  • Has a beautiful fade-proof finish
  • Has a four-hole design that fits most dog breeds

5. CHEDE Luxury

CHEDE Luxury

CHEDE is a luxurious handmade leather collar for dogs with a strong yet comfortable design. Made of 100% real leather, its fine construction appeals to most dog owners. It also has smooth and non-irritant edges and an adjustable (9.4-14.1-inches) design that fits most medium-sized and large dogs. Its adjustable design also works well for individuals who want a durable all-weather collar that can grow with their dogs. This handmade leather collar has a padded and lined interior that maximizes comfort. All fixtures are dog safe, while its easy-to-clean design is ideal for everyday use. Replace the annoying nylon collar that your dog walks around in with this one to improve both its outlook and health.


  • Has a strong and comfortable design
  • Made of 100% real leather
  • Adjustable to fit most medium-sized and large dogs
  • Very easy to clean

4. Coastal Pet Latigo

Coastal Pet Latigo

With this Latigo collar from Coastal Pet, you get a round medium-sized collar made of quality leather. Even though simple, its clean-looking 5/8 x16-inch design has numerous desirable attributes that appeal to dog owners. Its tough and impact-resistant design, for instance, is perfect for walking dogs. It has helped many individuals to restrain agile dog breeds such as Pit bulls without tearing or losing shape. This collar also fits various neck sizes comfortably. Whether you have a do with a modest 12-inch neck or a thick 13.5-inch one, this collar will fit it well without compromising comfort. Because of its rolled edges, Coastal Pet Latigo does not irritate dogs as comparable cheaply made nylon ones often do.


  • Non-irritant, unlike nylon ones
  • Adjustable to fit most dog breeds
  • Has a tough and impact-resistant design

3. Logical Leather Collar

Logical Leather Collar

Are you looking to restrain your dog well without choking it or compromising comfort levels? Even though numerous brands of leather collars restrain dogs well, a few are as comfortable as this padded Logical model. Featuring a stylish fade-proof brown theme, its stylish custom design improves the looks of dogs. The full grain leather used to make it does not fray nor rip as traditional nylon ones, while its long 26-inch design fits most dogs. The material is also easy to clean and has a thick (3/8-inches) and wide (1-3/8-inch) body that supports most leashes. Other invaluable features are its premium hardware (leash ring and metal clasp), sturdy loops for attaching tags and leashes, and its lifetime guarantee. Take your dogs, measurements before buying this collar.


  • Made of durable full-grain leather
  • Has a stylish and fade-proof finish
  • Has a padded non-irritant interior
  • Has a lifetime guarantee

2. Perri’s Padded

Perri's Padded

Perri’s is an Amish-made collar with a stylish black and red theme. USA-made using the best grade materials, its durability is admirable. The myriad of colors offered appeal most individuals, while the soft lambskin used to make it is non-irritant. As your dog rolls and runs around the yard, it will never dig into its skin or compromise its well-being in any way. This collar is 100% fade proof. It is also easy to clean and has solid brass fittings that boost its charm.


  • Available in numerous interesting colours
  • Made of soft yet durable lambskin
  • Has rounded non-irritant edges

1. Soft Touch Collar

Soft Touch Collar

Are you planning to surprise your dog with a new shiny leather collar? This soft touch model is a luxurious real leather collar that fits 22-25-inch neck sizes. Padded, it is comfortable for all-day use. Its thick 1.75-inch design is durable, while the lacquered solid brass buckle offered is both charming and long lasting. If you have an extra-large dog breed such as a mastiff, Dane, or Rottweiler, this 28-inch soft touch collar is the best to use.


  • Made of luxurious real leather
  • Adjustable to fit various neck sizes
  • Has padding that maximizes comfort