Top 5 Cuban Cigars For Sale 2020 Reviews

Are you planning a Cuban party? Well, you need to spice things up with Cuban cigars. They add class to your event and give you a good time. Besides, they can be a great gift for your spouse or friend. A Cuban cigar is a form of cigarette originating from Cuba. It is a product that stimulates the mind leaving smokers feeling thrilled. It is also uniquely processed, and rolled to ensure quality in the market. Only Cuban tobacco is used to make Cuban cigars, no wonder the popularity.

5. Gourmand Specialities’ Havana Nights Cigar


This brand offers wafer rolls that come in a wooden box for efficient storage. For authenticity purposes, every Havana Nights cigar has a patent written on a gold band. This way, you know you are buying an original product. The gold foil adds to the attractive look of the cigars. You will like the chocolate crème in the wafer, as it has a delicious taste. If you have problems with smoke such as allergic reactions, do not worry. Gormound cigars emit no smoke when in use.
The other aspects you will like about this product include it being lightweight, having 20 cigars in a pack and a great packaging. Its 0.5-inch diameter and 6inches length are worthwhile features.

4. Cuba Cigar


Cigars can be a good gift for someone who loves them be it a friend, colleague or family member. Cuba Cigar is a fragrance though. After enjoying a good smoke, use it to smell fresh. Its gold appearance is comparable to no other, thus unique. Like the previous product in the review, it has a band to identify it as well. However, the name Cuba is printed in large letters so it is easy to pick out. A pack of Cuba cigar has cologne, after shave and body spray. Such a combo would be great for any man who wants to smell fresh and masculine.

3. Cuba Gold


Cuba is a worthwhile purchase since it will give you more than what you need, that is, smelling good and staying that way for long hours . It has a spectacular manly scent. The ingredients behind its great smell are jasmine, lavender, woods and vetiver. This is a credible, original product worth every penny. Its golden and white colors look fantastic wherever you place the cologne. With the 35ml capacity and 1.17ounces, you are good to go for the day.

2. Cuba Prestige from Cuba


When looking for a Cuban fragrance that offers more than two scents in a pack, you have Cuba Prestige to appreciate. It has four items in different colors black, classic, platinum and legacy. It is a matter of deciding what combo works well for you. Do some experimentation. Even better, use one sent at a time. If you re on a budget, this brand would be worth it, but that does not compromise its performance. I mean it is second in the review. The 4-piece set entails 1.17ounce sprays, is high quality and of travel size.

1. Boveda Humidor for Cigars


Boveda is not a fragrance but has to do with cigars. It will keep your cigars in good shape for a year before requiring maintenance. You do not need any gels when you acquire this humidor. Between this brand and glass top humidor, pick Boveda as the later has leaking problems. Save yourself the trouble of having to deal with wet tobacco covers. With the magnetic mechanism for opening and closing the humidor, your cigars are safe inside it. The humidor is also easy to use, sturdy, cost friendly, and holds 20 Rubusto, Double Corona or 12 Churchill.

What to look for When Purchasing Cuban Cigars

Quality: You deserve high quality cigars. Look for patents to ensure you are buying an original Cuban cigar not a fake one.


  • It depends on your preferences but a good cigar should be long enough for you to hold comfortably. However, Cuban cigars are of great length
  • Amount/items in a single pack
  • The more the cigars in the pack the better. It means more enjoyment, more fun and more thrilling experiences.


  • Elegance is essential. Cuban cigars are specially designed with an attractive color.