Top 10 Best Carecentrix Breast Pumps 2020 Reviews

Do you want to know a key to easier parenthood? Do you want to have some personal time with your newborns? Well, it is only natural that we human feels that way. Especially for all the mothers out there, it can sometimes get quite hectic to always breastfeeding your kids. Let’s say that you can do that at home. However, some people are not comfortable yet to breastfeed their babies in public. And that is when breast pumps come into play. You can always pump your milk and store it aside for later use. This article will show you the top 10 of the best care centric breast pumps available on the market.

10. IKARE Double Breast Pumps Electric

IKARE Double Breast Pumps Electric

The first item on the list is the electric breast pumps from the brand called Ikare. This electric breast pumps come with four preset modes and nine suction options. There is also puller mode that comes with five different levels for suction. This makes sure you don’t feel any pain, regardless of the shape or size of your nipples. On top of that, this device is very quiet. Although it offers strong suction, the noise is kept at only 45 dB. This device is also tiny and portable. You don’t have to worry about not being able to bring it when you are traveling. Even more, this model comes with a rechargeable battery and a backlit touchscreen for easy control.


  • Comes with a variety of presets and suction options
  • Painless
  • Quiet
  • Offers strong suctions
  • Small and portable
  • Backlit display

9. OUNUO Double Breast Pumps Breast Feeding Kit

OUNUO Double Breast Pumps Breast Feeding Kit

Next up on the list, we have the breast pump from OUNUO. This is a hospital-grade breast pump that provides you the best result without any pain. It comes with four modes for suction and eight options for speed. It also comes with a closed pumping system, ensuring that the tubing stays dry while you are pumping. The milk and the pumping pieces are also separated, making sure that everything is hygienic. On top of that, it features a touchscreen control panel that is both durable and effective. It also has a rechargeable battery. This device is also lightweight and compact so that you can easily take it everywhere. Even more, it comes with a 2-years warranty.


  • Hospital-grade
  • Painless
  • Comes with a variety of presets and options
  • Touchscreen and rechargeable battery
  • 2-years warranty

8. Best Double Electric Breast Pump

Best Double Electric Breast Pump

This is another double electric breast pump from Bigmazt. This one comes with pumping, massage, and memory functions. Before pumping, it massages your breast, which helps to stimulate the breast milk for better pumping. The pumping pieces are made from edible silicone that is not harmful and super safe for your baby. It also comes with an anti-backflow design that keeps your milk fresh and free from infection. Even more, this device produces hushed noise. It won’t disturb you or your baby at all. It comes with sixteen levels for you to choose from to accommodate your situation. Moreover, it is straightforward to clean and dismantle. These breast pumps come with a rechargeable battery and a smart touch screen. You can use it for two hours, and it can be charged with any chargers, including your computers and power banks.


  • Comes with massage and memory function
  • Made from soft and edible silicone
  • Anti-backflow design
  • Quiet noise
  • Rechargeable battery and smart touch screen

7. KidsTime Electric Breast Pump

KidsTime Electric Breast Pump

Now on to electric the double breast pumps from KidsTime. It comes with two pumping devices that are equipped with eighteen modes. Similar to the Bigmazt breast pumps, this one also has a massaging mode before the pumping process. This electric breast pump features a soft cushion that imitates that of the baby’s lip so that you feel comfortable and relaxed. On top of that, it is designed to produce the lowest noise possible so your baby won’t be disturbed. It is convenient to travel with, as well. The breast pump is very compact and portable. It comes with a touchscreen panel that allows you to control the speed and option easily. All the materials of this device are non-harmful with no chemical. You can rest assured about the safety of your baby.


  • Comes with massage function
  • Features soft cushions
  • Quiet noise
  • Compact and portable
  • Touchscreen control panel

6. Electric Breast Pump with Petal Massage Pad

Electric Breast Pump with Petal Massage Pad

Up next, we have the electric breast pump from the brand called Sankoo. All the parts of this device are made from BPA-free materials and edible food-grade silicone. It comes with an anti-backflow design that helps protects the milk from infection and keeps the milk fresh. Moreover, it comes with three different working modes to choose from. You can opt for a massage before pumping your milk or setting the mode to the memory function, so it remembers your last setting. Additionally, this device is very quiet to use. It only produces 50db, which is only a bit louder than a whisper. Even more, it is very convenient to charge. It has a USB charging and a smart touch screen for easy control.


  • Made from non-toxic materials
  • Features anti-backflow
  • Low noise
  • Convenient charging

5. Eccomum Breastfeeding Pump

Eccomum Breastfeeding Pump

Another one on the list is the breast pump from the brand Eccomum. It has four different modes and a memory function to remember your last setting. The functions also include massaging so that you feel relaxed and comfortable before the pumping process. On top of that, this comes with an anti-backflow design that prevents the milk from overflowing and keeps the milk fresh and clean. This breast pump is made from non-toxic and BPA-free material that ensures 100% safety for your baby. Furthermore, it features high suction power that saves you more time. This also comes with a soft silicone pad that does not irritate or hurt your breast. Also, it is compact and easy to travel with. You can use it for up to 2.5 hours after a full charge.


  • Comes with four different modes and a memory function
  • Features anti-backflow design
  • Made from non-toxic material
  • Provides high suction power
  • Compact and portable
  • Long-lasting battery power

4. Hospital Grade Pain-Free Breast Pump

Hospital Grade Pain-Free Breast Pump

This hospital-grade breast pump from WWhuaus offers you both quality and durability. It is made from high-quality food-grade silicone without any harmful chemicals included—no more worries about contaminating the milk. There are three different modes and nine different suction levels to choose from. This helps you relax before pumping the milk. Moreover, it is hushed. If you’re someone who needs to be near your baby all day, this device is the right one for you. It also comes with a closed system to prevent the milk from coming up to the tube. Furthermore, it is super easy to bring along. It has a built-in large capacity battery with a USB cable that allows for easy charging.


  • Made from top-quality food-grade material
  • Comes with a variety of modes
  • Low noise
  • Good for traveling

3. AMAIA Electric Breast Pump

AMAIA Electric Breast Pump

This Amaia breast pump comes with a hand-free design that is extremely easy to use. It is gentle and comfortable to use. You can pump more milk without experiencing any pain. On top of that, it is ideal for mothers who have gone through C-section. You can semi-lie down while you’re using this. It offers high suction power that pumps your milk in less time. This device also features less noise compared to the standard devices. With only 45 decibels, you won’t be able to notice any sound. It is also super lightweight and portable. You can easily bring it on the go.


  • Hand-free
  • Ideal for C-section
  • Comes with a high suction power
  • Low noise
  • Lightweight and portable

2. Breast Pumps Electric | Hospital Strength By Ella Bella

Breast Pumps Electric | Hospital Strength By Ella Bella

This Ella Bella breast pump is another convenient hand-free breast pump that makes parenthood less difficult. It is also tranquil and convenient to use. It works very quietly so that you and your baby won’t be disturbed. Furthermore, this has 15 levels and two different modes to choose from, so everyone has something. In addition to that, the material is soft and comfortable, providing you the ultimate comfort. Even more, this device is small and compact, which makes it very travel-friendly. It also has a high capacity battery life so that you don’t have to worry about recharging it all the time.


  • Hand-free
  • Convenient and quiet
  • Comes with a variety of modes
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Travel-friendly

1. Portable Dual Suction Nursing Breastfeeding Pump with LED Display Touch Screen

Portable Dual Suction Nursing Breastfeeding Pump with LED Display Touch Screen

The last item on the list is the dual breast pump from the brand Aweso 4U. This breast pump is very reliable and safe to use. It is made of medical-grade silicone and BPA-free material, ensuring that your milk is safe for the baby. Furthermore, it comes with high power suction that makes pumping faster than normal. There is also a touchscreen control panel that makes it very convenient to use. This device comes with many different modes and levels to choose from. Also, there is a memory function to store your preferred options. Moreover, this is very easy to clean. It is also very compact and portable so you can bring it about anywhere. Plus, it comes with a rechargeable battery and USB cable.


  • Made from medical grade materials
  • High power suction
  • Touchscreen control
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Travel-friendly
  • Rechargeable battery

Buying Guide of Carecentrix Breast Pump

So after going through the top ten products, let us look at some of the basic information you might want to look into before buying breast pumps.

What Should You Consider Before Using Breast Pump?

Suction settings: Good suction motion should imitate the baby’s mount. Therefore, you might want to look for something that comes with a massage function to make sure you feel relaxed and comfortable. In addition to that, you might want to find something that comes with a variety of presents and suction levels to accommodate different breast shapes.

The Material Used: This is a significant factor since you don’t want your breast milk to be contaminated by harmful chemicals. Look for something that is made from safe and non-toxic material. You can also find hospital grade and BPA-free material. On top of that, you should also look for something that comes with soft padding to hurt your breast.

Noise: If you are someone that can leave your baby for a while to pump milk, this might not be a big deal. However, it would help if you looked for something as quiet as possible. We would recommend models that produce less than 50db noise so that you don’t interrupt your baby’s sleep.

Battery: Last but not least, you want to pay attention to battery life. Look for something that can last at least two hours so that you can get enough milk without charging it. Furthermore, go for something easy to charge. The most model usually comes with SUB cable so that you can charge it from anywhere.

In a nutshell, we hope you find this article helpful. For our mothers out there, we wish nothing but trouble-free feeding time for your beloved babies. Keep in mind that we have included various products to make sure that everyone can find something suitable for them. You don’t really need to pay attention to the ranking. Just find something that fits your needs best. Most importantly, opt for something that fits your budget. Happy shopping!