Top 8 Best Whole House Water Filters 2022 Reviews

Clean and healthy water is one of the basic necessities of life. Of all water delivering resources, filters produce the best quality drinking water. However, the market is flooded with many such water filters, it is next to impossible to identify the best ones. Hence, to provide you the best guidance, here is a complete list of the best House Water Filters along with its unique features.

8. iSpring 3-Stage House Water Filtration System- B01FI3BLYM

iSpring 3-stage House Water Filtration System- B01FI3BLYM

Its three-stage filtration procedure produces the and healthiest water for your family. There are two variants of this model- the first one removes Iron and Manganese and the second one eliminates Lead and Iron. So, depending on the water condition in your area, you can go for the best model. Besides removing heavy metals, you can also get rid of chlorine deposits, toxic sediments, pesticides, harmful solvents, etc. Although it treats all the germs and particulate matters, it does not reduce Total Dissolved Salt (TDS) content. Thus, you get all the essential minerals in every glass. Moreover, its quick installation process is another distinguishing factor. You can easily place it at the main water supply and get fresh water all around your house.


  • High capacity Polypropylene Sediment Filter
  • Best quality coconut shell carbon for optimum filtration
  • Approved by NSF and ANSI

7. 3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Replacement Water Filter- B01N8RITMM

The sleek and simple design House Water Filter easily fits in smaller space. Credits to this design, cartridge replacement had never been so quick and simple. Its exclusive particulate filtration process treats even the smallest particles up to 5microns; thus delivering healthier water. Further, it also reduces the taste and smell of chlorine. By virtue of its high-capacity cartridge, you can filter up to 100,000 gallons of water. Therefore, in addition to health and taste, you receive a long-lasting model. Above all, with an excellent flow rate of 20gallons per minute, it supplies 24*7 filtered water in your house.


  • Trendy Design
  • Convenient Cartridge Replacement
  • Higher water flow rate every minute

6. Home Master 2-Stage Water Filter- B005A3WPA0

Home Master 2-Stage Water Filter- B005A3WPA0

Purchase this premium quality filter and enjoy its remarkable purification capacity. Eliminate up to 95% of harmful sediments, chemicals, toxic substances and reduce chlorine content. The oversized filter also delivers an improved per-minute flow rate. Further, by virtue of its large filter housings with 1inch ports, it maintains maximum water pressure. With this, you can draw 150gallon water every minute. Above and beyond, its sediment filter deserves a special mention. The replaceable filters are of dual gradient density and produce the finest quality filtration. Its germ and dirt holding capacity are equally commendable.


  • Replaceable Coconut Shell Carbon Filter
  • Optimum Purification
  • Removes foul smell and bad taste

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5. Wheelton Whole House Water Filter- B07CYS6NN9

Wheelton Whole House Water Filter- B07CYS6NN9

A dynamic design and engineered construction filter, you’ll never regret your choice. Firstly, the 40micron filter mesh hole effortlessly eliminates chemical pollutants, harmful sediments, rusts, bloodworm, etc. Flexible installation in multiple directions is the second most attractive reason for buying this product. You also get a 360° rotatable brass head which can be placed at any desired angle. The third, striking aspect is the water pressure meter. Located at the top of the filter body, it provides clear visibility over the water pressure. Furthermore, its 360° siphon backwashing along with a standard connector makes it different from other filters.


  • Best quality blown-down value
  • Versatile and Flexible Operation
  • Hassle-free Maintenance

4. Culligan Whole House Heavy Duty Filtration System- B01JIRLRXY

Culligan Whole House Heavy Duty Filtration System- B01JIRLRXY

The 1-inch stainless steel inlet and outlet connectors are the stand-apart features of this model. By virtue of these, you receive a more powerful and strengthened House Water Filter. Besides reducing sediments, it protects your appliances from stain marks. At the same time, it delivers the purest quality odorless water, rich in minerals. The integrated bracket design makes it easy to use, handle and maintain. Moreover, you also get a battery-operated model with timer changing settings. Lastly, it is highly compatible with all Culligan filter cartridges.


  • Bypass Shutoff Valve
  • Filter life Monitor
  • Designed for Domestic Use

3. Express Water Whole House Water Filter- B01LFLQTOI

Express Water Whole House Water Filter- B01LFLQTOI

This one-of-a-kind water filter system purifies water in a triple step comprehensive system. You can fit the multiple faucets anywhere in your house and drink pure and healthy water all the time. The coconut shell carbon filters removes all contaminants and delivers odourless, chlorine-free water, fit for drinking. You can also monitor the system and check when your filters need replacement. While enjoying all such conveniences, you hardly need to worry about maintenance. A user-friendly design, easy filter swapping and quick cleaning saves lot of your precious time and effort in preserving the filter.


  • Eliminate Organic Chemicals
  • Easy Installation and Effortless Maintenance
  • Cleanest water from all faucets

2. iSpring 2-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System- B00LBHIW8S

iSpring 2-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System- B00LBHIW8S

Yet another marvellous filter from the wonderful brand, you get superior convenience while drinking healthiest and mineral-rich water. Its 2-stage gradient filtration efficiently filters out all unhealthy toxicants including chlorine, pesticides, herbicides and allied sediments. Its 1 inch NPT inlet and outlet hardly affects the water pressure and you get an attractive 15gallon per minute water flow. In addition to these, the filter system runs on lower maintenance. Where the best RO water filters brings down the TDS content, this model retains it. With this, you get to drink all the essential minerals without consuming any unhygienic substances.


  • Carbon filter delivers maximum filtration
  • Preserves TDS
  • Long-lasting Filter Life due to quality cartridges

1. Aquasana 10-year Whole House Water Filter- B00XAJK52Q

Aquasana 10-year Whole House Water Filter- B00XAJK52Q

And if you want the best among the best House Water Filters, this is your ideal product. Besides performing all the functions of the above models, this product softens your water. Credits to the good quality and salt-free softener, you get enhanced taste in every glass of water. The UV filtration is another rare feature that treats and kills all bacteria, viruses, and germs. Further, it flawlessly removes up to 97% chlorine and 99.99% of toxic pollutants. In this model, plumbing takes place without using any chemical. Moreover, its professional installation kit eases your workload, and you set the entire system in no time.


  • Salt-free Water Softener
  • Easy-to-Understand Installation Kit
  • Maximum removal of disinfectants and contaminants