Top 10 Best Fairway Woods 2020 Reviews

The best fairway wood has the ability to be used in many different types of circumstances. Most commonly, they will be used in tight or short par-4s and also from fairway bunkers. Another common use for the best fairway wood is around the greens. Most specifically, below the surface of the green.

There are many things to consider when looking to buy a fairway wood and it can be overwhelming for most buyers. This list puts together the top 10 best fairway kinds of wood for users to have a place to start when starting to look for one to purchase! This list can give a place to start and help alleviate some of the stress that comes with not knowing which one to purchase. Take a look at the 10 best that this list has compiled and get started on finding the fairway wood that would work best for your next golf tournament or trip:

10. 14° GX-7 “X-Metal” Mens & Womens Models – Includes Head Cover

14° GX-7 “X-Metal” – Driver Distance, Fairway Wood Accuracy – Mens & Womens Models – Includes Head Cover

Both men and women can enjoy the ease of using this fairway wood and watching their ball go faster and further than ever before. Providing the user with better accuracy, they will be able to hit more fairways than they ever have been able to before! It helps deliver a more perfect result with a less than perfect swing. This fairway wood has a shorter length. This provides the user an easier swing, giving more control so that there is better contact with the ball and better accuracy with where to send the ball. Having extra loft, this provides the user with a higher launch and a longer carry. The user is also provided the ability to hit down on the ball rather than the typical swing upward. Finally, a smaller clubhead gives this fairway wood versatility.

9. MW8 Moon Wood Golf Club Includes Headcover

MW8 Moon Wood – Premium Golf Fairway Wood for Men and Women – Golf Club Includes Headcover

This fairway wood is perfect for those who maybe struggle to hit the green from a long distance. Users can be excited to have an extreme high launch with this fairway wood, as well as a greater speed. This fairway wood also follows the rules of golf, making it legal to use in tournaments! The versatility of this fairway wood makes it easy for both men and women to enjoy the benefits of using it! It is shorter than typical long irons, woods and hybrids so it provides an easier to control as well as a more comfortable use. With an ultra-low center of gravity, this provides the user with a higher trajectory without having to put in any extra effort.

8. Cobra Golf Men’s King F8 Fairway

2018 Cobra Golf Men's King F8 Fairway

The user of this fairway wood can enjoy not only a faster ball speed but also a further distance! Giving the user more control over their fairway wood, this will become a favorite among all of the woods in the bag! This King F8 Fairway provides the user with a lot of versatility thanks to the baffler rail system. The user is given the ability to use the adjustable loft settings to set the launch conditions and help them be able to maximize the distance the ball goes, giving them even more control! The 360 aero-innovative polymer aero tips help to improve the drag reduction to help generate maximum clubhead speed. The stainless steel face of this fairway wood provides the user with increased ball speeds as well as ball distance.

7. TaylorMade M2 Men’s Fairway Wood

TaylorMade 2017 M2 Men's Fairway Wood

Enjoy the look and feel of this multi-material fairway wood! Not only is it for the looks but it also plays an important role in helping give the user a better golf game! The user and others playing with the user will enjoy the sound that is projected from this fairway wood! This fairway wood features inverted cone technology. This means that ball speed is protected across the entire clubface. This produces a bigger spot where the ball can be hit and increases the amount of forgiveness. A two-tiered sole design provides the user with added playability and has added sound ribs that give the fairway wood an exceptional feel as well as sound as it hits the ball. Distance is generated with this fairway wood by decreasing backspin thanks to the open-channel speed pocket that this fairway wood holds.

6. Vixa V12 Fairway Wood Golf Club for Men & Women & High-Performance Graphite Shaft

Vixa V12 Fairway Wood Golf Club for Men & Women- Versatile & Dependable Club for Long Accurate Shots with Heat-Treated INOX Steel Clubface & High Performance Graphite Shaft

With a low-profile fairway metal, the user will be amazed with this fairway wood’s ability to get the ball up into the air. This provides even an amateur-friendly use and makes it easy for not only men to use but for women to use, as well. This provides this fairway wood with a lot of versatility. This fairway wood provides the user with extra control as well as accuracy so that they can go into every game with confidence.

While it conforms to all of the rules of golf, this fairway wood is completely legal to use in tournaments. The manufacturer even provides a 1-year warranty against defects for this amazing fairway wood! A low profile fairway metal will make the ball rocket off. The smooth-gliding sole that is seen on this fairway wood also helps to get underneath the ball without any digging. The V12’s INOX steel face, which is heat-treated, will help rocket the ball off better than ever seen before!

5. Taylor Made Men’s RBZ Fairwa

Taylor Made Men's RBZ Fairwa

Enjoy the new satin black finish of this wood that provides it with a sleek look but also provides functionality! Increase the speed and distance during the golf game and enjoy the feel of this fairway wood as it makes contact with the ball! The speed pocket in this fairway wood provides the user with an incredibly high launch as well as a carry distance that is increased. The mass pad is positioned strategically to give not only an optimal launch but also optimal sound as well as feel as the user makes contact with the ball. The profile is shallow, lowering the center of gravity to help increase playability. The lightweight shaft gives an increase in the speed and the distance of the ball.

4. Cobra Golf F9 Men’s Speedback Fairway

Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Men's Speedback Fairway

One of the longest, fastest and most accurate fairways ever is here to serve all golfers! Keep the face completely square without much effort at all and enjoy the drag resistance that this fairway will provide! The lightweight carbon fiber crown helps to give a higher launch in addition to increased forgiveness for the user. The smart-rail 8 easily adjustable settings help the user to be able to manage trajectory as well as be able to fine-tune the launch conditions to be able to maximize the distance of the ball. The precision milled 455 stainless steel face insert delivers this fairway wood as the thinnest fairway face seen. The yellow and black color design of this fairway wood will set the user apart from all of the other golfers out there!

3. TaylorMade Men’s M6 Fairway Wood

TaylorMade Men's M6 2019 Fairway Wood

As a golfer, hitting it far and high, as well as accurately, produces no better feeling! This feeling can be enjoyed more often with this fairway wood. Even the hits that are less than perfect are still made to look extraordinary! Twist face provides this fairway wood with a curvature that gives a corrective face angle on off-centered hits to help reduce any side spin and give the user straighter shots. A deep face and a larger carbon crown on this fairway wood provides the user with an optimal distance for their ball and gives the user excellent playability. This fairway wood also provides a new TPU slot insert that is more flush with the surface of the fairway wood. This helps to improve turf interaction.

2. Callaway Golf  Epic Flash Fairway Wood

Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Fairway Wood

Control the spin, the launch, and the trajectory easily with this fairway wood! This fairway wood is designed so that all golfers are able to get more speed as well as more distance. The new fairway wood face design helps to give an increased speed to help the ball be able to go a longer distance. Two internal bars help to stiffen the body of the fairway wood, helping to place more impact load onto the face for a faster speed. With a lighter weight, this gives the user an easy launch as well as a high and long-distance for the ball.

1. Callaway Men’s Steelhead XR Fairway Wood

Callaway Men's Steelhead XR Fairway Wood

Modern power is combined with versatility in this fairway. The shape has been improved to provide even more versatility and functionality. The modern technologies that produce power have also been enhanced like never before seen! This will provide the user with a faster ball and further distance! The classic steelhead shape of this fairway wood gives the user an easy launch. The face cup technology provides a faster ball speed and the J-36 carbon crown, as well as the shorter hosel, gives the user an extreme amount of forgiveness when hitting the ball. The user is provided with ample power and control from the premium stock shaft.